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matador the person who fights and attempts to kill the bull with a sword in a bullfight.
match1 a slender strip of wood or cardboard with a combustible material on the end that is ignited by friction.
match2 a person or thing that is identical to or like another. [11 definitions]
matchbook a small, usu. cardboard folder containing rows of matches.
matchbox a small cardboard box that holds matches.
matchless1 being unsurpassed; without peer.
matchless2 having no match or matches to light a fire. [2 definitions]
matchlock an old type of gunlock in which the powder charge was ignited by a slow-burning match. [2 definitions]
matchmaker a person who introduces men and women to each other in the hope that they will marry. [2 definitions]
match play a type of golf competition in which each side scores a point for each hole won, regardless of the total number of strokes. (Cf. medal play.)
match point the final point that must be scored to win a match, esp. in tennis.
matchstick the short, slender, usually wooden stick from which a match is made, or the match itself. [2 definitions]
matchup the assigning of one player to defend against another player, as in basketball, soccer, or football. [2 definitions]
maté a stimulant beverage made from the leaves and shoots of a South American evergreen tree that is related to the holly. [2 definitions]
mate1 a marriage partner; husband or wife. [9 definitions]
mate2 in chess, the placing of a king in a check from which there is no escape; checkmate. [3 definitions]
materfamilias the female head of a household, esp. the mother.
material anything used for constructing or making something else. [7 definitions]
materialism the philosophic theory that physical matter and its related forces are the source or cause of all phenomena. [2 definitions]
materialist an advocate of the ideas of philosophical materialism. [2 definitions]
materialistic being more greatly concerned with material things, particularly those that provide comfort or pleasure, than with spiritual matters or values.