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materfamilias the female head of a household, esp. the mother.
material anything used for constructing or making something else. [7 definitions]
materialism the philosophic theory that physical matter and its related forces are the source or cause of all phenomena. [2 definitions]
materialist an advocate of the ideas of philosophical materialism. [2 definitions]
materialistic being more greatly concerned with material things, particularly those that provide comfort or pleasure, than with spiritual matters or values.
materialize to take bodily shape and form; come into physical existence. [4 definitions]
materially to a significant extent; considerably. [2 definitions]
materia medica the drugs and other remedial substances that are used in medicine. [2 definitions]
materiel military equipment and supplies. [2 definitions]
maternal of, relating to, or characteristic of a mother. [2 definitions]
maternity the state of being a mother; motherhood. [3 definitions]
maternity leave an allowed time of absence from one's employment because of having given birth to a child.
math mathematics.
mathematical of, relating to, or expressed in mathematics. [2 definitions]
mathematician one who performs mathematics as a profession. [2 definitions]
mathematics (used with a sing. verb) the study of numbers and forms and their properties and relationships, using symbolic representation and systematically defined methods of proof.
matinee a morning or afternoon performance of a play, film, or the like.
matins (used with a sing. or pl. verb) in the Roman Catholic Church, the first of the seven canonical hours, or the service for this, usu. held between midnight and four A.M. [2 definitions]
matri- mother.
matriarch a woman who acts as head of a family, tribe, or other group of people.
matriarchy a social system in which the mother is considered head of the family or other group, and ancestry and descent are reckoned on the mother's side. (Cf. patriarchy.)