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measles (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a very contagious but short-lived disease, usu. affecting children, that is caused by a virus and accompanied by fever and an eruption of red spots on the skin. [2 definitions]
measly (informal) ridiculously inadequate or unsatisfactory; paltry. [2 definitions]
measurable capable of being measured; quantifiable. [2 definitions]
measure calculation of exact dimensions within time or space, such as length, quantity, duration, weight, or capacity. [14 definitions]
measured restrained; deliberate. [3 definitions]
measureless incapable of being measured; having no boundaries or limits; infinite.
measurement the act or process of measuring specific dimensions. [2 definitions]
measure out to mark off and separate from the whole.
measures things that are done to get a particular result.
measuring cup a graduated cup used esp. in cooking for measuring ingredients, or a cup intended to hold one specific amount of an ingredient.
measuring spoon a spoon, often attached with others of different sizes as a set, that when filled gives a specific amount of a substance, used especially in cooking.
measuring tape a flexible tape used to measure distance; tape measure.
measuringworm a caterpillar that moves by bringing the rear end of its body forward and then advancing the front; inchworm.
meat the flesh of animals, esp. mammals, when used or regarded as food. [4 definitions]
meatball chopped or ground meat that is seasoned, shaped into a small ball, and cooked, often in a sauce. [2 definitions]
meat-eating having meat, the flesh of animals, as part of one's diet, or eating primarily meat; carnivorous.
meathead (slang) a stupid person; dullard.
meatless combined form of meat.
meatloaf a baked loaf of ground meats such as beef, pork, and veal mixed with egg, bread crumbs, and the like.
meatpacking the process or industry of slaughtering animals, and processing and packaging the meat for market.
meatus a passage or duct within the body, or the external opening of such a passage, as of the ear or urethra.