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medicable able to benefit from medicine; treatable or curable.
Medicaid (sometimes l.c.) a U.S. public health program that pays certain medical, drug, and hospital bills of those people without the ability to pay.
medical of or relating to the study or practice of medicine. [2 definitions]
medical examiner a public official authorized to perform autopsies on the bodies of persons thought to have died of unnatural causes; coroner. [2 definitions]
medical jurisprudence the branch of law dealing with medical questions such as malpractice or legal certification of the cause of death.
medicament something used to heal illness or injury; medicine.
Medicare (sometimes l.c.) a U.S. public health program that pays the hospitalization expenses of aged or retired persons.
medicate to treat with drugs or medications.
medication a medicine. [2 definitions]
Medici a member of a powerful Italian family of the fourteenth through sixteenth centuries that included bankers, statesmen, and art patrons, or the name of the family itself.
medicinal of, pertaining to, or having healing powers; curative.
medicine a drug or other substance used to cure illness or injury or to alleviate symptoms. [3 definitions]
medicine ball a large, heavy leather ball that is thrown back and forth in physical conditioning and exercise.
medicine dance a ritual dance performed by some North American Indian peoples to drive out disease, bring rain, invoke supernatural aid, or the like.
medicine man a healer, shaman, and spiritual leader, esp. among North American Indians.
medicine show a usu. small group of traveling salespeople who put on entertaining shows to attract customers for the patent medicines and other cures offered for sale.
medico (informal) one who does medical work; doctor or medical student.
medieval of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Middle Ages.
Medieval Greek the form of the Greek language used in the Middle Ages.
medievalism medieval beliefs, customs, or practices. [3 definitions]
medievalist a student or scholar of some aspect of medieval culture such as philosophy or art. [2 definitions]