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medicine man a healer, shaman, and spiritual leader, esp. among North American Indians.
medicine show a usu. small group of traveling salespeople who put on entertaining shows to attract customers for the patent medicines and other cures offered for sale.
medico (informal) one who does medical work; doctor or medical student.
medieval of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Middle Ages.
Medieval Greek the form of the Greek language used in the Middle Ages.
medievalism medieval beliefs, customs, or practices. [3 definitions]
medievalist a student or scholar of some aspect of medieval culture such as philosophy or art. [2 definitions]
Medieval Latin the form of the Latin language used in the Middle Ages.
Medina a city in western Saudi Arabia, holy to Islam because Muhammad is buried there.
mediocre of average to poor quality; ordinary.
mediocrity the quality or condition of being mediocre. [2 definitions]
meditate to think calmly, deeply, and at length; contemplate, muse, or ponder (sometimes fol. by "on" or "upon"). [3 definitions]
meditation sustained thought or self-forgetful concentration, esp. for the purposes of religious devotion or relaxation. [2 definitions]
meditative disposed to, marked by, or indicating meditation; deeply thoughtful.
Mediterranean see Mediterranean Sea. [5 definitions]
Mediterranean fruit fly a small two-winged fruit fly, the larvae of which infest and feed on many types of fruit.
Mediterranean Sea a sea bordered on the north by Europe and Asia, and on the south by Africa.
medium an intervening substance or agency through which a force is effective. [9 definitions]
medium frequency any radio wave with a frequency of between three hundred and three thousand kilohertz.
medium of exchange anything commonly used in a particular area as a measure of value in exchange for goods and services; currency.
medium-sized of medium size; neither large nor small.