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menace that which poses a danger or threatens injury or harm; threat. [4 definitions]
ménage people living as a unit; household. [2 definitions]
ménage à trois household of three (French); a household consisting of a married couple and a single person who is the lover of one of the spouses. [2 definitions]
menagerie a collection of usu. wild or exotic animals, or the place where they are exhibited.
menarche the first menstrual cycle of a girl.
mend to repair (something damaged or worn). [4 definitions]
mendable combined form of mend.
mendacious untruthful. [2 definitions]
mendacity a tendency to lie; untruthfulness. [2 definitions]
mendelevium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has 101 protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Md)
Mendel's laws the basic principles of heredity discovered by Mendel, showing that certain characteristics are inherited separately as units, that cells contain pairs of such unit characters, and that in every individual there is a pair, one from each parent, of determining factors for each unit character.
mendicancy the act of soliciting money by begging. [2 definitions]
mendicant living on charity; begging. [4 definitions]
Menelaus in Greek mythology, king of Sparta during the Trojan War, brother to Agamemnon, and husband to Helen of Troy.
menfolk men in general or men of a specific family or community.
menhaden an inedible fish related to the herring, found in the western Atlantic Ocean and used for bait and for making oil and fertilizer.
menhir a large upright monolith standing alone or erected as part of an aligned grouping of such stones, found esp. in parts of England and France and usu. prehistoric in origin.
menial of, relating to, or suitable to a servant. [3 definitions]
meninges the three membranes covering the brain or spinal cord in vertebrates.
meningitis an inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, usu. because of an infection.
meningococcal of or relating to the meningococcus bacterium, which is the causative agent of meningitis.