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meritocracy a system in which people attain power, influence, and wealth because of their intellectual abilities rather than because of their class status or family lineage.
meritorious having merit; worthy of praise or reward.
merit system a system in which people are hired or promoted to civil service positions on the basis of the results of competitive examinations.
Meriwether Lewis U.S. co-leader with William Clark of an expedition to explore the uncharted American West, from Missouri to Oregon, from 1804 to 1807 (b.1774--d.1809).
Merlin in Arthurian legend, a magician and seer who helps King Arthur.
merlin a small aggressive falcon of Europe and North America. [2 definitions]
merlot a red grape from which some French Bordeaux wines are made. [2 definitions]
mermaid a mythical sea creature with the head and upper body of a woman and the lower body and tail of a fish.
merman a mythical sea creature with the head and upper body of a man and the lower body and tail of a fish.
-merous having parts of (such) a type or number; partite.
Merovingian of or pertaining to the line of kings who ruled over ancient France from about 500 A.D. to 751 A.D. [2 definitions]
merriment gaiety and mirth; happy enjoyment, esp. in company.
merry cheerful and gay, or inclined to be so. [3 definitions]
merry-andrew one who plays a fool; buffoon; clown.
Merry Christmas used as a greeting, when meeting or parting, to wish someone a joyful time at Christmas.
merry-go-round a circular, machine-driven, revolving platform with seats, often in the form of horses that go up and down on vertical poles, on which rides may be purchased; carousel. [2 definitions]
merrymaker one who participates in some joyous or festive occasion.
merrymaking participation in some joyous or festive occasion. [2 definitions]
mesa a plateau with a flat top and steep sides, found in the southwestern United States and Mexico.
mésalliance marriage with someone of lower social standing than oneself.
mescal one of two species of cactus, esp. a small, globe-shaped plant with buttonlike projections that are chewed as a hallucinogenic drug by certain Mexican Indians during religious ceremonies. [2 definitions]