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mesquite any of several shrubs or small trees of the legume family, found in the southwestern United States and Mexico, which bear pods rich in sugar that are used as fodder for livestock. [2 definitions]
mess a state of dirtiness or disorder, or something characterized by such. [11 definitions]
message a communication of usu. quite specific information by speech, writing, symbols, or other means. [5 definitions]
messaging the practice of sending and receiving electronic messages by computer or mobile device.
mess around (informal) to putter or spend time idly. [2 definitions]
messenger a person who transports and delivers a message or package, or does this regularly as a job.
messenger RNA a single-stranded molecule of ribonucleic acid that carries a code from the DNA, where it is synthesized, to the cytoplasm, where it specifies the sequence of amino acids required for protein synthesis.
mess hall a room or building in which a group of people, such as soldiers, regularly eat their meals.
Messiah according to Old Testament prophecies, the anticipated deliverer of the Jews. [3 definitions]
messieurs pl. of monsieur.
mess jacket a man's close-fitting, waist-length jacket, worn as part of a uniform.
mess kit a set of cooking and eating utensils arranged in a compact kit, used by campers and soldiers in the field.
messmate a person with whom one eats meals regularly, as in the army.
Messrs. abbreviation of "messieurs," plural of "monsieur;" a plural of "Mr."
mess up (informal) to make something messy. [2 definitions]
messy dirty, untidy, or disorderly. [2 definitions]
mestiza in Latin America or the Philippines, a woman of mixed European and native ancestry.
mestizo in Latin America or the Philippines, a man of mixed European and native ancestry.
met past tense and past participle of meet1.
meta- change. [3 definitions]
metabolism the physical and chemical processes by which food is converted by a living organism to provide energy and produce and maintain cells and tissues.