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metadata data that provides information about other data.
metafiction fiction writing in which the author and the techniques used by the author are consciously emphasized while concern for verisimilitude is minimized. [2 definitions]
metal any of several solid mineral elements, such as silver, iron, aluminum, or copper, that can conduct heat and electricity, are malleable under heat or pressure, and typically form salts when combined with nonmetals. [2 definitions]
metal detector a device that detects and signals the presence of metal objects and is used to discover concealed weapons at a security point or locate buried coins and the like.
metal lath lath made of expanded metal.
metallic pertaining to, made of, or containing metal. [3 definitions]
metalliferous containing or producing metal ore.
metallurgy the science or method of extracting metals from ore, of creating combinations of various metals, or of heating and working metal.
metalware utensils made of metal.
metalwork objects made or shaped out of metal.
metalworker one whose trade or hobby is metalworking.
metalworking the art, process, or trade of making metal objects.
metamorphic of, pertaining to, or characterized by change in form. [2 definitions]
metamorphism a complete change in form, substance, character, or appearance. [2 definitions]
metamorphose to alter the form or character of; transform. [3 definitions]
metamorphosis a complete change of form, structure, substance, appearance, or character; transformation. [3 definitions]
metaphase in biology, the stage in mitosis and meiosis in which the duplicated chromosomes of the dividing cell line up along the equatorial plane of the spindle.
metaphor a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is used to describe one thing in terms of another in a nonliteral way, such as "drowning in work".
metaphysical of, pertaining to, or in the nature of metaphysics. [3 definitions]
metaphysics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of philosophy that deals with first principles and the ultimate nature of reality and existence. [2 definitions]
metastable of or pertaining to a physical or chemical state that is stable to minor disturbances but will be disrupted by a major disturbance.