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métier a particular field of activity such as a trade; occupation. [2 definitions]
metonymy a figure of speech in which the name of one thing is used in place of something else with which it is associated, such as "the grape" for wine, "laurels" for fame, or "the law" for a police officer.
metopic of or relating to the forehead.
metre a spelling of meter1 (unit of measure) and meter2 (musical time) used in Canada and Britain. See meter for more information.
metric1 of or pertaining to the system of measurement based on the meter.
metric2 rhythmic according to a pattern, as in verse; metrical.
metrical of or composed according to a rhythmic pattern or meter. [2 definitions]
metrication conversion to the metric system of measurement from an older system.
metricize to change into or adapt to the metric system.
metric mile in track and field events, a distance of 1500 meters.
metrics (used with a sing. verb) the science of metrical composition. [2 definitions]
metric system an international system of weights and measures based on the number ten, in which the basic units are the meter for length, the gram for weight, and the liter for volume.
metric ton a unit of weight equal to one thousand kilograms or 1.102 short tons (2204.623 pounds avoirdupois).
metro a subway train or system.
metronome an adjustable device that marks regular intervals with rhythmic clicking sound, used by musicians during practice.
metropole a major city; metropolis. [2 definitions]
metropolis any major urban area; city.
metropolitan of, pertaining to, or designating a major city, its suburbs, and other neighboring communities; urban. [7 definitions]
Metropolitan Opera a U.S. opera company of world renown located in New York City.
-metry science or process of measuring.
mettle inherent temperament; character. [2 definitions]