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milepost a signpost that indicates the distance in miles to a specified place, or any of a series of posts set at one-mile intervals, as along a highway.
miler one who competes in races one mile in length, esp. a trained runner.
milestone a stone that indicates the distance in miles to a specified place. [2 definitions]
miliaria a disease characterized by inflammation of the skin, esp. near the sweat glands, causing eruptions and blisters and usu. resulting from overexposure to heat; prickly heat.
milieu surroundings or situation; environment.
militant aggressive or combative in attitude or actions, esp. in defense of a cause. [4 definitions]
militarism a policy that emphasizes military strength and preparedness. [3 definitions]
militarist a person who adheres to militarism.
militarize to make ready for military conflict. [2 definitions]
military of or pertaining to warfare or preparation for war. [3 definitions]
military attaché a military officer assigned to a diplomatic post in a foreign country.
military coup the sudden and forceful attempt of a military group to seize state power; coup d'état.
military-industrial complex the U.S. military structure and the industries of the private sector that manufacture military supplies.
military law the group of laws that deal with regulating and disciplining members of the armed forces.
military police military personnel who perform police duties, esp. in respect to other military personnel.
military science the study of military procedures and principles as they are put into practice during warfare.
militate to serve as an influence for or against something.
militia a military body of trained civilians, usu. active only in emergencies.
militiaman a member of a militia.
milk a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their offspring. [7 definitions]
milk-and-water lacking conviction; weak or insipid.