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misanthrope someone who hates or distrusts humanity.
misanthropy distrust or hatred of human beings.
misapply to use or apply incorrectly, wastefully, or for the wrong purpose. [2 definitions]
misapprehend to fail to understand correctly; misunderstand.
misapprehension a failure to understand.
misappropriate to take or use (money or other resources) dishonestly or illegally; use for a purpose other than what was intended.
misbecome to be inappropriate or unfit for, or unbecoming to.
misbegotten unlawfully or abnormally conceived; illegitimate. [2 definitions]
misbehave to act or behave improperly or badly. [2 definitions]
misbehavior improper or offensive acts or conduct; bad behavior.
misbelief a wrong or mistaken belief. [2 definitions]
misc. abbreviation of "miscellaneous" or "miscellany."
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
miscall to call by a wrong or inappropriate name.
miscarriage a failure to function correctly or achieve the right or desired results. [2 definitions]
miscarry to be unsuccessful or fail; go wrong. [2 definitions]
miscast to assign an unsuitable role to, esp. a theatrical role.
miscegenation marriage or sexual intercourse between a man and a woman of different races, esp. between a white and a black in the United States.
miscellaneous being of diverse kinds; various. [2 definitions]
miscellany a collection of various or assorted items, esp. a collection of literary pieces by different authors and on various topics.
mischance an unfortunate incident; accident or mishap.