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misprision in law, misconduct in office by a public official. [3 definitions]
misprision of felony in law, failure to report an act of treason or a felony.
misprize to belittle or discredit; undervalue.
mispronounce to pronounce poorly or incorrectly.
misquote to quote inaccurately. [2 definitions]
misread to read or interpret wrongly.
misrepresent to identify or describe in a misleading way. [2 definitions]
misrule poor or unwise government. [3 definitions]
miss1 to fail to hit, catch, reach, cross, or in any way touch or contact (a particular object). [10 definitions]
miss2 (cap.) the traditional title of an unmarried woman, preceding the surname, and currently often replaced by "Ms.". [2 definitions]
missal (sometimes cap.) a book giving the prayers for Roman Catholic masses. [2 definitions]
misshape to form into an undesirable shape; deform.
misshapen badly or improperly formed or shaped.
missile an object or weapon that is thrown, shot, or otherwise projected, usu. at a distant target. [2 definitions]
missilery the science of making and using guided or ballistic missiles. [2 definitions]
missing not where it should be; absent. [2 definitions]
missing link a certain creature, not yet discovered, that would represent the supposed evolutionary stage between ape and man. [2 definitions]
mission a group of people sent to a foreign location to establish relations and conduct trade or do diplomatic or religious work. [6 definitions]
missionary a person, often a member of a church or religious order, who is sent to a foreign country to teach, heal, or serve. [4 definitions]
missionary position a position for sexual intercourse in which the man lies on top of the woman, who is lying on her back.
Mississippi a U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico between Alabama and Louisiana. (abbr.: MS) [2 definitions]