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modification the act of modifying, or the condition of being modified. [5 definitions]
modifier someone or something that modifies. [2 definitions]
modify to alter somewhat; make changes in. [4 definitions]
modish being in or according to current fashion or style; fashionable.
modiste one who designs, makes, or deals in fashionable or stylish clothes, esp. women's dresses and hats.
modular of or relating to a module or modules. [2 definitions]
modulate to adjust or adapt to a particular measure or proportion. [6 definitions]
modulation the act or process of modulating, or the condition of being modulated. [3 definitions]
module a part or unit used as a standard for measuring, as in building. [4 definitions]
modulus in mathematics, the absolute value of a complex number, computed by adding the squares of each element, then finding the square root of the resulting sum. [2 definitions]
modus operandi a method of accomplishing something; way of working.
modus vivendi method of living; way of getting along. [2 definitions]
Mogadishu the seaport capital of Somalia.
Mogul a Mongol or Mongolian, esp. one of the sixteenth-century conquerors of India or their descendants. [2 definitions]
mohair the long soft silky hair or fleece of the Angora goat. [2 definitions]
Mohammed variant of Muhammad.
Mohammedan variant of Muhammadan.
Mohammedanism variant of Muhammadanism.
Mohandas Gandhi Indian spiritual and political leader and reformer, also known by the title Mahatma ("Great Soul") (b.1869--d.1948).
Mohave a member of a North American Indian tribe formerly living in the Colorado River valley of Arizona and California. [2 definitions]
Mohawk a river that flows eastward from central New York State. [3 definitions]