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motorist a person who drives or rides in an automobile.
motorize to install a motor or motors in. [2 definitions]
motorless combined form of motor.
motorman the operator of an electrified vehicle such as a subway train, trolley, streetcar, or the like. [2 definitions]
motor pool a group of vehicles maintained for use by the members of a particular business or agency, or a unit of the military.
motor scooter a light, two-wheeled, gas-powered vehicle with two small wheels and a seat over the engine for the driver.
motor vehicle a bus, truck, automobile, or the like.
motorway (chiefly British) a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, esp. between cities; highway.
motte in the western United States, a small grove of trees on a prairie.
mottle to create a pattern of variegated color and tone on (a surface). [3 definitions]
mottled blotched or spotted with varying colors or shades.
motto a short phrase used to recall or exemplify a philosophy, code of behavior, or the like. [2 definitions]
moue a pronounced distortion of the face expressing dejection, petulance, disappointment, or the like; pout.
mouflon a wild sheep that inhabits mountainous areas of Corsica and Sardinia.
mouillé pronounced palatally, as "ll" in French, "ñ" in Spanish, and "gl" and "gn" in Italian.
moulder (chiefly British) variant of molder.
moulding a spelling of molding used in Canada and Britain. See molding for more information.
mound a raised pile; heap. [6 definitions]
Mound Builders the early Indian peoples of North America who built extensive burial mounds, mainly in the Mississippi Valley.
mount1 to climb. [10 definitions]
mount2 a mountain or high hill.