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multitude a great number of persons, animals, or things. [3 definitions]
multitudinous occurring or forming in great numbers; very numerous. [2 definitions]
multiunion combined form of union.
multiunit combined form of unit.
multiuse combined form of use.
multivalent having a chemical valence of three or more.
multivitamin containing or composed of several vitamins. [2 definitions]
multivolume combined form of volume.
multiwall combined form of wall.
multiwarhead combined form of warhead.
multiwavelength combined form of wavelength.
multiyear combined form of year.
mum1 not speaking or telling; silent. [2 definitions]
mum2 to act as a mummer on stage or in a street carnival.
mum3 (informal) a chrysanthemum.
mum4 (informal, chiefly British) mother.
mumble to speak low and indistinctly; mutter. [3 definitions]
mumbletypeg a children's game in which the players toss a knife in various prescribed ways, trying to stick the blade in the ground, with the loser having to withdraw a peg from the ground with his or her teeth.
mumbo jumbo language or ritual activity that is unintelligible, meaningless, or confusing; hocus-pocus.
mummer a masked and often costumed participant in a street carnival or parade. [2 definitions]
mummery an empty, pretentious, or hypocritical display or ceremony.