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Muzak trademark for recorded background music available to commercial establishments by subscription through wire or radio. [2 definitions]
muzhik in czarist Russia, a peasant.
muzzle the projecting nose, jaws, and mouth of certain animals, such as dogs. [6 definitions]
muzzleloader a gun, such as a musket, that is loaded through the open end of the barrel.
MVP abbreviation of "most valuable player."
MX abbreviation of "missile, experimental." (see "MX missile.")
MX missile any of a system of U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles, each having ten warheads; MX.
My. abbreviation of "May," the fifth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
my of, relating to, or belonging to the speaker (a possessive form of I). [2 definitions]
Myanmar a Southeast Asian country between India and Thailand; formerly Burma.
myasthenia abnormal muscular weakness.
myasthenia gravis an autoimmune disease that results in chronic muscle weakening.
mycelium the undifferentiated, nonreproducing part of a fungus, composed of a mass of branching filaments.
Mycenae a major center of ancient Greek civilization located in the northeastern Peloponnesus.
Mycenaean of or pertaining to Mycenae, a major center of ancient Greek civilization located in the northeastern Peloponnesus. [2 definitions]
Mycene in Greek mythology, the nymph for whom the ancient center of civilization, Mycenae, was named. [2 definitions]
-mycete fungus.
-mycin substance obtained from a fungus.
myco- fungus.
mycology the branch of botany devoted to the study of fungi. [2 definitions]
mycosis any disease in humans or animals that is caused by a fungus.