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narcotism addiction to narcotics. [2 definitions]
narcotize to treat with a narcotic; benumb or stupefy. [3 definitions]
nard an aromatic plant related to valerian, native to the Himalayas, and used by the ancients as a source of a medicinal balm.
narghile a water pipe used for smoking; hookah.
naris one of the outer openings of the vertebrate nose; nostril or nasal passage.
narrate to give an account or tell the tale of; relate. [4 definitions]
narration the act or process of narrating. [2 definitions]
narrative an account, description, or story, or the oral or written work containing such material. [5 definitions]
narrator a person who tells a story. [3 definitions]
narrow having little breadth or width. [10 definitions]
narrowcast to transmit (a program), esp. by cable television, to a limited or specialized audience. [2 definitions]
narrow down to reduce to a smaller number in order to come closer to what is correct or possible.
narrow gauge a railroad track with a distance between the rails that is less than the standard width of 56.5 inches or 143.5 centimeters. (Cf. broad gauge, standard gauge.) [2 definitions]
narrow-minded having or showing intolerance, inflexibility, or lack of interest in or respect for new information or the views of others; prejudiced.
narthex the entrance hall leading to the nave of a church.
narwhal an arctic aquatic mammal related to the dolphin, that has a spotted pelt and, on the male, a long spirally twisted ivory tusk projecting from the upper jaw.
nary (informal) not any; never a; no.
NASA abbreviation of "National Aeronautics and Space Administration."
nasal of or relating to the nose. [3 definitions]
nasalize to make a nasal sound.
nascent coming into being or starting to develop.