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Nazarite among the ancient Hebrews, a person who took strict vows to abstain from wine, leave the hair long, and avoid touching corpses.
Nazi a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party which controlled Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1945. [3 definitions]
Nb symbol of the chemical element niobium.
n.b. abbreviation of "nota bene" (Latin); mark well; take notice.
NBA abbreviation of "National Basketball Association," a major U.S. sports league that organizes and regulates the highest level of men's professional basketball competition.
NBC abbreviation of "National Broadcasting Company."
NC abbreviation of "North Carolina," a southeastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between Virginia and South Carolina.
NC17 abbreviation of "no children under seventeen," persons under seventeen not admitted (used as a film rating).
NCO abbreviation of "noncommissioned officer," an enlisted member of the armed forces with an officer's rank below commissioned or warrant officers, such as a sergeant or corporal in the U.S. Army.
ND abbreviation of "North Dakota," a north central U.S. state on the Canadian border between Minnesota and Montana.
Nd symbol of the chemical element neodymium.
N'Djamena the capital of Chad.
NE1 abbreviation of "Nebraska," a Midwestern U.S. state between South Dakota and Kansas.
Ne symbol of the chemical element neon.
NE2 abbreviation of "northeast." [2 definitions]
Neanderthal designating an early form of human of the Pleistocene period. [3 definitions]
neap designating the tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon when there is the least rise and fall of water.
near to, at, or within a comparatively short distance from a person or thing. [10 definitions]
nearby situated close at hand; not far removed. [2 definitions]
Near East the countries near or bordering the extreme eastern end of the Mediterranean, including those of southwestern Asia, northeastern Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula.
nearly just about but not quite; almost. [2 definitions]