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neckband a band of material fastened to the neck of a garment. [2 definitions]
neckerchief a square of cloth folded and tied about the neck.
necklace jewelry worn around the neck, usu. consisting of beads or pieces of gems, metals, leather, wood, plastic, or the like strung on string, wire, or a leather thong.
neckline the shape formed by the upper edge of a garment at or below the neck.
neckpiece a scarf, esp. one made of fur.
neck-rein of a saddle horse, to turn in the opposite direction to the side of the neck that the rein presses on. [2 definitions]
necktie a strip of fabric worn around the neck, usu. by men, under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat.
neckwear articles, such as scarves and neckties, designed to be worn at or around the neck.
necro- dead tissue. [2 definitions]
necrology a list of those who have died within some recent time. [2 definitions]
necromancy the art or practice of communicating with the dead, or attempting to do so, in order to divine the future. [2 definitions]
necropolis a burial place, esp. a large cemetery of an ancient city.
necrosis the death of one part or area of tissue, esp. of bone or an organ, in a living organism.
necrotize to cause death of a body part or tissue. [2 definitions]
nectar the sweet plant secretion that attracts insects and birds, enabling pollination, and that bees use to make honey. [2 definitions]
nectarine a variety of peach with a smooth skin.
nectary a plant organ, usu. in a flower, that secretes nectar.
née born (used before the maiden name of a married woman).
need a requirement, necessity, or obligation. [10 definitions]
needful being required; necessary.
needle a thin instrument shaped like a sliver, usu. of stainless steel with a hole at one end for thread and a sharp point at the other, used esp. for sewing or suturing. [7 definitions]