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neurotransmitter a biochemical substance, such as epinephrine, that transmits or inhibits nerve impulses across the synapse of one cell to the synapse of another.
neurotropic tending to enter or affect nerve tissue, as certain viruses.
neut.1 abbreviation of "neuter."
neut.2 abbreviation of "neutral."
neuter in grammar, neither feminine nor masculine with respect to gender. [9 definitions]
neutral not belonging to or taking any side or giving assistance to any of the conflicting parties in a dispute or contest. [9 definitions]
neutralism the policy of not taking sides in a dispute, esp. in an international conflict.
neutrality the condition or status of being neutral. [2 definitions]
neutralize to cause to be ineffective; counteract. [3 definitions]
neutral spirits (used with a sing. or pl. verb) flavorless, 190-proof distilled ethyl alcohol blended with whiskeys or used to make alcoholic beverages such as gin, liqueurs, and cordials.
neutrino an elementary, weakly interacting subatomic particle of the lepton family, having little or no mass and a spin of one-half.
neutrinoless combined form of neutrino.
neutron an elementary particle having no charge, spin of one-half, and mass approximately equal to a proton, present in the nucleus of all atoms except the common isotope of hydrogen.
neutron bomb a nuclear weapon whose detonation releases many neutrons that kill or harm humans and other life, but results in virtually no damage to buildings or property.
neutron star an extremely dense star, composed mostly of neutrons, with very powerful gravitational attraction.
neutropenia a condition of having an abnormally low number of neutrophils in the blood, which is associated with an increased risk of infection.
Nevada a western U.S. state between California and Utah. (abbr.: NV)
Nevado del Ruiz a Colombian volcano that erupted in 1985 after having been dormant for 150 years, causing 23,000 deaths in what was the world's second most deadly volcanic eruption of the twentieth century.
never not on any occasion; not at any time. [2 definitions]
never mind used to tell someone to forget about something or to not worry or think about something.
nevermore at no time in the future; never again.