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nicotinic acid niacin.
nictate variant of nictitate.
nictitate to wink.
nictitating membrane a thin, transparent membrane that forms an inner eyelid on birds, reptiles, and some mammals, that can be closed to keep the eye clean and moist.
niddering (archaic) an honorless wretch; coward.
niece a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
nifty (informal) attractive, stylish, admirable, or cleverly contrived.
Niger a north central African country between Algeria and Nigeria. [2 definitions]
Nigeria a country in West Africa on the Atlantic coast between Benin and Cameroon.
Nigerian of or pertaining to Nigeria or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
niggard a very stingy person; miser. [2 definitions]
niggardly unwilling to spend, give, or share; miserly; stingy. [2 definitions]
nigger (offensive) a black person. [3 definitions]
niggerhead (outdated; considered offensive) a mounded clump of vegetation formed by roots and sedges, usually found in swamps and in the tundra; sedge hummock; tussock.
niggle to give too much attention to petty details and trivialities. [2 definitions]
niggling of little importance; petty. [2 definitions]
nigh close in position, time, or relationship; near. [3 definitions]
night the hours of darkness between sunset and dawn. [5 definitions]
night and day without rest or interruption; unceasingly or seemingly unceasingly.
night blindness abnormally weak vision in dim light or darkness, caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.
night-blooming cereus any of several American cacti bearing large, fragrant flowers that bloom at night.