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obliterate to erase or make unrecognizable by erasing. [2 definitions]
oblivion the state or condition of being entirely forgotten. [2 definitions]
oblivious not conscious or paying attention; unknowing or unaware (usu. fol. by "to" or "of"). [2 definitions]
oblong having one dimension longer than the other, as in a rectangle or ellipse; elongated. [2 definitions]
obloquy abuse or censure, esp. as directed at one by many or by the general public; calumny. [2 definitions]
obnoxious extremely unpleasant or irritating.
oboe a slender double-reed woodwind instrument, consisting of a long, usu. wooden tube with finger holes or keys along it, which makes a penetrating, melancholy sound.
obs. abbreviation of "obsolete," no longer in use, as a word or expression, or a type of implement or equipment. [2 definitions]
obscene offensive to accepted views of morality and decency, or to one's own sense of morality and decency. [3 definitions]
obscenity the state, condition, or crime of being obscene; indecency, lewdness, or repulsiveness. [2 definitions]
obscurantism active opposition to intellectual enlightenment, esp. by withholding knowledge from the public. [2 definitions]
obscure weakly or poorly illuminated. [6 definitions]
obscurity the state or condition of being dark or dim. [3 definitions]
obsequious showing or tending to show servile obedience or deference; fawning.
obsequy (usu. pl.) a funeral rite or ceremony.
observable able to be observed; visible. [2 definitions]
observance compliance or obedience. [4 definitions]
observant watching carefully; alert; attentive. [2 definitions]
observation the act or an instance of observing. [5 definitions]
observation car a railway car with large windows from which passengers may observe the scenery.
observation post a forward military position from which the enemy can be observed and artillery fire can be directed.