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obsessive of, pertaining to, characterized by, or causing an obsession.
obsessive-compulsive of or relating to having unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions), and engaging in repetitive and uncontrollable behaviors (compulsions). [3 definitions]
obsessive-compulsive disorder a mental disorder characterized by having unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions), and/or engaging in repetitive and uncontrollable behaviors (compulsions); OCD.
obsessive-compulsive neurosis an emotional disorder characterized by compulsions, irresistible urges, or both, and often manifested in ritualistic behavior.
obsidian a dark, shiny volcanic glass, often used in jewelry, that fractures in a smooth, shell-like curve.
obsolesce to become or be in the process of becoming obsolete.
obsolescent in the process of going out of use or style; becoming obsolete.
obsolete no longer in use, as a word or expression, or a type of implement or equipment. [2 definitions]
obstacle that which impedes or prevents forward movement or progress; obstruction.
obstetric of or pertaining to childbirth or obstetrics.
obstetrical of or relating to the care of women before, during, and after childbirth, or to the field of obstetrics.
obstetrician a medical doctor whose specialty is pregnancy and childbirth.
obstetrics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of medicine that deals with pregnancy and childbirth.
obstinacy the state or quality of being stubborn; stubbornness. [2 definitions]
obstinance the quality of holding stubbornly to one's own ideas or purposes; unwillingness to change or do what is asked.
obstinate holding stubbornly to one's own ideas or purposes; unwilling to change. [2 definitions]
obstreperous hard to control, as children resisting adult discipline; unruly. [2 definitions]
obstruct to clog or block. [3 definitions]
obstruction something that obstructs; obstacle or impediment. [3 definitions]
obstructionist anyone who deliberately prevents the ordinary conduct of affairs.
obtain to gain possession of; acquire. [2 definitions]