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occidental (often cap.) of or concerning the countries of Europe and the Western Hemisphere, their peoples, or their cultures; western. [2 definitions]
occipital of, pertaining to, or located near the back of the head and skull. [2 definitions]
occipital bone a curved, compound, four-sided bone that forms the back and part of the base of the skull.
occiput the back of the head or skull, esp. the lower portion.
occlude to close or obstruct (a passage or opening, one's vision, or the like). [5 definitions]
occluded front the air front formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front, forcing it upward.
occlusion obstruction or closing of a passage, such as a blood vessel. [3 definitions]
occult of, pertaining to, or with the aid of the supernatural. [8 definitions]
occultation the disappearance of one celestial body behind another, as when a planet or star is obscured by the moon. [2 definitions]
occultism belief in the occult. [2 definitions]
occupancy the act or condition of occupying or holding a place, position, or property. [4 definitions]
occupant one, or a group, that occupies a place or position. [2 definitions]
occupation a person's normal way of earning a livelihood; profession. [5 definitions]
occupational of or pertaining to one's occupation, profession, or place of employment.
occupational disease a disease or disorder caused by the working conditions or requirements of one's occupation.
occupational therapy therapy consisting of work designed to provide mental diversion or a creative outlet, exercise to heal or correct a physical deficiency or injury, or training in vocational skills.
occupy to control (territory or the like) after seizure. [4 definitions]
occur to take place; happen. [3 definitions]
occurrence the process or fact of occurring. [2 definitions]
ocean the vast expanse of salt water covering approximately three quarters of the earth's surface. [3 definitions]
oceanarium a large public or commercial marine aquarium.