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occiput the back of the head or skull, esp. the lower portion.
occlude to close or obstruct (a passage or opening, one's vision, or the like). [5 definitions]
occluded front the air front formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front, forcing it upward.
occlusion obstruction or closing of a passage, such as a blood vessel. [3 definitions]
occult of, pertaining to, or with the aid of the supernatural. [8 definitions]
occultation the disappearance of one celestial body behind another, as when a planet or star is obscured by the moon. [2 definitions]
occultism belief in the occult. [2 definitions]
occupancy the act or condition of occupying or holding a place, position, or property. [4 definitions]
occupant one, or a group, that occupies a place or position. [2 definitions]
occupation a person's normal way of earning a livelihood; profession. [5 definitions]
occupational of or pertaining to one's occupation, profession, or place of employment.
occupational disease a disease or disorder caused by the working conditions or requirements of one's occupation.
occupational therapy therapy consisting of work designed to provide mental diversion or a creative outlet, exercise to heal or correct a physical deficiency or injury, or training in vocational skills.
occupy to control (territory or the like) after seizure. [4 definitions]
occur to take place; happen. [3 definitions]
occurrence the process or fact of occurring. [2 definitions]
ocean the vast expanse of salt water covering approximately three quarters of the earth's surface. [3 definitions]
oceanarium a large public or commercial marine aquarium.
oceanaut an aquanaut.
ocean floor the surface of the ground at the bottom of the ocean.
ocean-going of, or designed or equipped for, travel on seas and oceans, as a ship. [2 definitions]