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octuple having or composed of eight parts. [3 definitions]
ocular of, pertaining to, or like the eye or eyes. [3 definitions]
oculist formerly, an ophthalmologist. [2 definitions]
oculomotor designating the nerves that supply the muscles that move each eyeball.
OD abbreviation of "overdose."
odalisque a female slave or concubine in a harem.
odd different from what is expected or customary; strange. [7 definitions]
oddball (informal) a person or thing that is unconventional or eccentric. [2 definitions]
oddity a peculiar or puzzling thing, person, or event. [2 definitions]
odd man out any outsider; one who has been excluded. [2 definitions]
oddment a leftover or isolated item; one item among several odds and ends. [2 definitions]
odd number a whole number that cannot be divided exactly by 2.
odds the probability that one thing is more likely to happen than another. [4 definitions]
odds and ends miscellaneous items; bits and pieces; scraps.
oddsmaker a person, usu. an expert, who calculates the odds in betting.
odds-on having an even or more than even chance at winning or succeeding, as in a horserace or athletic contest.
-ode1 something that resembles (whatever is specified).
-ode2 way or path. [2 definitions]
ode a long, elaborate, usu. rhymed lyrical poem, often in praise or celebration of something or someone, and usu. in a lofty and enthusiastic style. [2 definitions]
Odessa port city in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea.
Odin in Scandinavian mythology, the supreme god, and the god of war, death, wisdom, and poetry.