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of a piece of the same kind; practically alike; consistent.
of a sort of a mediocre variety. [2 definitions]
ofay (offensive slang) a white person.
of course certainly. [2 definitions]
off away from a surface. [37 definitions]
off. abbreviation of "office."
offal the parts of a butchered animal considered unfit for human consumption; waste. [2 definitions]
off-balance made or done while one is not physically balanced.
off base mistaken; inaccurate; wrong.
offbeat unusual or unconventional. [2 definitions]
off Broadway professional drama produced in New York City in small theaters located outside the Broadway theater district and characterized by experimental productions.
off-center not in the center; deviating from center. [2 definitions]
off-color not of the standard or required color. [3 definitions]
offence a spelling of offense used in Canada and Britain. See offense for more information.
offend to anger, annoy, or provoke resentment in. [5 definitions]
offender one that offends; especially one who has broken a law.
offense a violation of a law, rule, or standard of conduct; crime, sin, or breach of good conduct. [6 definitions]
offenseless combined form of offense.
offensive unpleasant; disagreeable; repugnant. [6 definitions]
offer to present for acceptance or refusal. [14 definitions]
offering the act or process of making an offer. [4 definitions]