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olive oil oil pressed from ripe olives, used esp. in cooking.
Oliver Cromwell an English revolutionary general and the Lord Protector of England in 1653-58 (b.1599--d.1658).
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. an influential U.S. Supreme Court justice (1902-1932), known for exercising judicial restraint and cited frequently for the opinion he wrote for Schenck v. United States, in which he argued that freedom of speech could be limited only in cases when particular acts of expression presented a "clear and present danger" to the country or its people (b.1841--d.1935).
olivine a common mineral silicate of magnesium and iron, found in gray-green crystalline masses in igneous and metamorphic rock, and used esp. as a structural material in bricks for lining furnaces.
olla (Spanish) a wide-mouthed earthenware pot or jar, used for water, cooking, or the like. [2 definitions]
ollie a skateboarding move in which one tips the board up by putting weight on the rear foot and thrusts forward with the front foot, simultaneously jumping into the air, with the feet appearing to stay on the skateboard.
Olmec a member of an ancient Indian tribe that lived in southern Mexico. [2 definitions]
-ology variant of -logy.
Olympia the capital of the state of Washington. [2 definitions]
Olympiad a celebration of the modern Olympic Games; Olympics.
Olympian of, concerning, or denoting the major ancient Greek gods that lived on Olympus. [5 definitions]
Olympic of or pertaining to the Olympic Games. [3 definitions]
Olympic Games an international amateur athletic competition patterned after the ancient Greek games, held every four years in different countries, with separate dates and locations for winter and warm-weather sports.
Olympus Mount Olympus, a mountain in northern Greece, believed in ancient times to be the dwelling place of the gods.
-oma tumor.
Oman a country on the Indian Ocean northeast of Yemen and west of Saudi Arabia.
Omar Khayyam1 see Omar Khayyam.
Omar Khayyam2 a Persian poet and mathematician (b.1050?--d.1123?).
omasum the third stomach of a cud-chewing animal such as a cow, located between the reticulum and the abomasum.
OMB abbreviation of "Office of Management and Budget."
ombudsman a man employed by a government, institution, or the like to hear and attempt to resolve complaints, as from citizens, employees, or students.