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open house a time during which one's home is open to friends and relatives for informal visits. [2 definitions]
opening the act, process, or result of making open or causing to become open. [6 definitions]
open letter a letter, usu. of protest or criticism, that is addressed to a specific individual or group but published in a newspaper or magazine to gain public attention.
openly in a way that involves no hiding or lying.
open market a market in which there are no official restrictions on prices or participation; free market.
open-minded not having preconceptions or prejudgments; receptive; tolerant; impartial.
open-mouthed having an open mouth. [4 definitions]
open primary a primary election in which voters need not declare party membership.
open punctuation punctuation characterized by the use of few punctuation marks.
open sea that expanse of an ocean away from any coastlines; high seas.
open secret something supposed to be secret but actually widely known.
open sentence in mathematics education, a simple mathematical equation or inequality in which one quantity is unknown, such as 2 + ? = 5.
open sesame in The Arabian Nights, the magic words that open the door of the robbers' den. [2 definitions]
open shop a business or factory in which a union represents the workers, although union membership is not necessary for employment.
open stock a type of merchandising in which single pieces of goods usu. sold in sets, such as flatware, glassware, or china, are kept in stock to be sold individually as replacement or supplements.
open-toed of shoes, having an opening or being open at the toe.
open up (informal) to speak revealingly, esp. of oneself. [4 definitions]
openwork anything, such as a craft object or an architectural element, that is perforated by many openings, usu. in a decorative pattern.
opera1 a dramatic work set to music, with an accompaniment by an orchestra. [3 definitions]
opera2 a pl. of opus.
operable capable of being put into operation; functional. [2 definitions]