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optician a person who sells or manufactures eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other optical devices. .
optic nerve either one of the two nerves that connect the retinas of the eyes to the brain.
optics (used with a sing. verb) the science of sight and the properties of light.
optimal most wanted or desirable; producing or likely to produce the best result; optimum.
optimism the belief that everything will turn out well, or that there are good aspects of every situation. (Cf. pessimism.) [3 definitions]
optimist one who usually or in a specific instance expects a good outcome. (Cf. pessimist.) [2 definitions]
optimistic expecting or tending to expect favorable outcomes. [2 definitions]
optimize to make the most effective use of (something), or to make as effective, perfect, or well-functioning as possible.
optimum the situation, quantity, degree, or other condition that is most desirable. [2 definitions]
option the right, power, or freedom to choose. [4 definitions]
optional not required; left to one's choice.
optoelectronic of or relating to electronic devices that are powered by light or produce light from electricity, or to the study of such devices.
optoelectronics electronic devices that are powered by light or that produce light from electricity. [2 definitions]
optometrist one who practices optometry.
optometry the profession of examining eyes, diagnosing defects in eyesight, and prescribing corrective lenses or exercises.
opulence the condition of being opulent. [2 definitions]
opulent having or displaying wealth and luxury. [2 definitions]
opus a work of fine or literary art, esp. a musical composition numbered to indicate its chronological place in the composer's works.
-or1 a variant of -er1.
-or2 activity; quality; condition; characteristic.
OR1 abbreviation of "Oregon," a northwestern U.S. state on the Pacific coast between Washington and California.