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originate to arise or come into being. [3 definitions]
originative having the capacity to originate.
oriole a member of either of two families of birds in which the males have black and bright yellow or orange plumage.
Orion in Greek mythology, a giant hunter who was killed by Artemis. [2 definitions]
orison a prayer.
-orium a place or device associated with or pertaining to; -arium.
Orlon trademark for a lightweight acrylic fiber or fabric.
Ormazd Ahura Mazda.
ormolu an alloy of copper and zinc or tin that resembles gold, or a similar gilded metal, used to decorate furniture, architectural features, or jewelry.
ornament something that is added to beautify or improve appearance; decoration. [5 definitions]
ornamental of or pertaining to ornament or decoration; decorative. [3 definitions]
ornamentation ornaments collectively; embellishment. [2 definitions]
ornate having much, often excessive, decoration. [2 definitions]
ornery stubborn, mean, or disagreeable.
ornithologist a scientist who specializes in the study of birds.
ornithology the scientific study of birds.
orographic of, pertaining to, or associated with mountains.
oropharyngeal of or relating to the mouth and pharynx.
orotund having a full, rich sound, as in voice or speech. [2 definitions]
orphan a person, esp. a child, whose parents have died. [5 definitions]
orphanage an institution where orphans and abandoned children are housed and cared for.