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orotund having a full, rich sound, as in voice or speech. [2 definitions]
orphan a person, esp. a child, whose parents have died. [5 definitions]
orphanage an institution where orphans and abandoned children are housed and cared for.
Orpheus in Greek mythology, a poet and musician whose music moved even lifeless things and who almost brought his wife, Eurydice, back from the dead, but failed because he turned and looked at her before they reached the upper world.
Orphic of or relating to Orpheus or the religious school worshiping Dionysus, which was ascribed to him. [2 definitions]
orrery a model of bodies in the solar system that can show their relative positions and motions by means of simple mechanical adjustments.
orris any of several European irises with fragrant rootstocks, esp. a white-flowered species yielding orrisroot.
orrisroot the fragrant root of any of several species of iris, used in making perfumes and cosmetics.
or so or about that many.
Orson Welles U.S. actor, screenwriter, producer, and critically acclaimed motion picture director who first gained national recognition for his role in the 1938 radio broadcast adaptation of H.G. Wells's novel, The War of the Worlds (b.1915--d.1985).
ortho- right; correct. [2 definitions]
orthocenter the point at which the three altitudes of a triangle intersect.
orthoclase a monoclinic feldspar that is a common constituent in igneous rock such as granite.
orthodontia see "orthodontics."
orthodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that deals with the correct alignment and position of teeth; orthodontia.
orthodontist a dentist who specializes in straightening teeth.
orthodox adhering to or in accordance with long-established religious beliefs, laws, and practices. [4 definitions]
Orthodox Eastern Church variant of Eastern Orthodox Church.
orthodoxy the condition or quality of being orthodox. [2 definitions]
orthoepy the study of pronunciation; phonology. [2 definitions]
orthography spelling, esp. according to established conventions or in a particular style. [2 definitions]