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Os symbol of the chemical element osmium.
os1 a bone.
os2 a mouth; opening; aperture.
Osage orange a small thorny tree of the mulberry family, native to the midwestern United States, that is often used in hedgerows. [2 definitions]
Osaka a large port city in southern Honshu, Japan.
Oscar see Academy Award. [2 definitions]
Óscar Romero El Salvadoran Roman Catholic priest who was assassinated in retaliation for his social and political activity; born Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (b.1917--d.1980).
oscillate to swing steadily and repeatedly back and forth. [4 definitions]
oscillation the action or fact of oscillating. [2 definitions]
oscillograph an oscilloscope that records the wave forms representing changes in currents, voltages, or other electrical quantities.
oscilloscope an instrument for depicting variations in an electrical quantity as a wave or trace on a viewing screen.
oscine of or relating to a large group of passerine birds with highly developed vocal cords. [2 definitions]
osculant of an organism, sharing the characteristics of two closely related taxonomic groups.
oscular of or relating to the mouth or to kissing. [2 definitions]
osculate to be tangent; touch. [2 definitions]
osculum any of the small openings of a sponge through which water is expelled.
-ose1 having the characteristics of; resembling or abounding in.
-ose2 a carbohydrate, esp. a sugar.
OSHA acronym of "Occupational Safety and Health Administration."
osier any of several willows with long, flexible twigs used in basketry and wickerwork, or the twig of such a plant.
Osiris the ancient Egyptian god of the lower world and judge of the dead whose annual resurrection was believed to personify nature's yearly renewal.