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OTB abbreviation of "off-track betting."
Othello in a tragedy by William Shakespeare, the title character, who murders his wife in the mistaken belief that she has been unfaithful.
other different from the one or ones indicated. [14 definitions]
otherwise in a different manner or other way; differently. [4 definitions]
other world a world or existence after death. [2 definitions]
otherworldly of, relating to, or like another world, such as that of the spirit or the imagination. [2 definitions]
-otic having to do with (such) a condition, action, or process. [3 definitions]
otiose idle or lazy. [2 definitions]
otitis inflammation of the ear, esp. of the middle ear; otitis media.
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear.
oto- ear.
otolaryngology the branch of medicine dealing with the ears, nose, and throat, and with related structures of the head and neck.
otology the study of the form, function, and disorders of the ear.
otosclerosis a soft bonelike growth in the inner ear that can cause deafness.
ottava rima a poetic stanza of eight lines, the first six rhyming in alternation and the last two rhyming with each other.
Ottawa the capital of Canada. [3 definitions]
otter any of several sleek aquatic or semi-aquatic mammals that are related to the mink and weasel, and that have webbed feet, a long, somewhat flattened tail, and thick, dark brown fur.
ottoman a low, upholstered or cushioned stool, often accompanying a matching chair. [2 definitions]
Ottoman Empire an empire of the Turks that existed from about 1300 to 1918 and that at times included much of the land bordering on the Mediterranean; Turkish Empire.
Ouagadougou the capital of Burkina Faso.
oubliette a hidden dungeon entered only through a trap door in the ceiling, as found in certain old castles.