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out of sight (slang) great or wonderful.
out of sorts in an irritable temper. [2 definitions]
out of stock not present for use or sale.
out of sync not happening, working, or moving together; not operating at the same time and rate; not synchronized. [2 definitions]
out of the blue without warning; suddenly.
out of the frying pan into the fire from a bad position into one that is even worse.
out of the question not worthy of consideration; unthinkable.
out of the running no longer participating in a contest, trial, or election. [2 definitions]
out-of-the-way of a place, remote, secluded, or little frequented. [3 definitions]
out of the woodwork (informal) out of hiding or concealment, esp. unexpectedly.
out of this world (informal) exceptionally good; excellent.
out of touch not being in communication with someone.
out-of-towner (informal) one from another place; visitor or stranger.
out of turn not in correct order or sequence. [2 definitions]
out of wedlock born of unwed parents; illegitimate.
out of whack (informal) not working properly; out of order; badly aligned.
out on a limb (informal) in a risky or vulnerable position or situation; at risk.
outorganize combined form of organize.
outpass combined form of pass.
outpatient one who is being treated at a hospital or clinic but who is not kept there overnight.
outperform combined form of perform.