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outshout combined form of shout.
outside the outer side or surface. [10 definitions]
outside of with the exception of.
outsider someone or something not inside a boundary, limit, or the like. [3 definitions]
outsing combined form of sing.
outsit to sit longer than (someone or something); outwait. [2 definitions]
outsize of a garment, an uncommon size, esp. an extraordinarily large size. [2 definitions]
outskirts the edges or outlying areas of a city.
outsmart to gain the advantage of by cleverness; outwit.
outsmart oneself to cause (one's plans) to backfire by excessive or misdirected cleverness.
outsoar combined form of soar.
outsource to purchase (goods or services) from an outside supplier instead of producing (the same goods or services) internally.
outsparkle combined form of sparkle.
outspeed combined form of speed.
outspend to spend more than (another person).
outspoken speaking or inclined to speak frankly and freely. [2 definitions]
outspread to spread or stretch out; extend. [3 definitions]
outsprint combined form of sprint.
outstanding of high quality; excellent. [3 definitions]
outstare to stare longer or in a colder or harder way than; stare down; outface.
outstay to stay longer than.