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outward on, or moving or directed toward, the outside or surface of; external or exterior. [8 definitions]
outwardly toward, on, or relating to the outside. [2 definitions]
outwatch combined form of watch.
outwear to wear better or last longer than. [3 definitions]
outweigh to be heavier than. [2 definitions]
outwit to gain the advantage over by using one's wits, cleverness, or cunning.
outwork1 to work faster or accomplish more than.
outwork2 a fortified position outside a main defense or fortification.
outwrestle combined form of wrestle.
outwrite combined form of write.
outyell combined form of yell.
outyield combined form of yield.
ouzel any of several European blackbirds or thrushes, or any of various related diving birds; ring ouzel; water ouzel.
ouzo a Greek liqueur flavored with anise.
ova pl. of ovum.
oval having the general shape of an egg; ellipsoid. [3 definitions]
Oval Office the oval-shaped office in the White House that is used by the President of the United States. [2 definitions]
ovariectomy the surgical removal of an ovary or ovaries.
ovariotomy surgical incision into or partial or total removal of an ovary or ovaries.
ovaritis inflammation of an ovary.
ovary in an animal, the female reproductive organ that releases eggs and hormones regulating development and fertility. [2 definitions]