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overbleach combined form of bleach.
overblow to give exaggerated importance to; overinflate. [3 definitions]
overblown1 assuming exaggerated or excessive importance; overinflated; pretentious. [4 definitions]
overblown2 past the stage of best bloom; senescent.
overboard over the side of a vessel into the water.
overbold combined form of bold.
overbook to sell more reservations or tickets, as for an airplane flight, than there are available spaces.
overborrow combined form of borrow.
overbreathing combined form of breathing.
overbrief combined form of brief.
overbright combined form of bright.
overbroad combined form of broad.
overbrutal combined form of brutal.
overbuild to build more, larger, or more elaborate structures than necessary or advisable in (an area). [3 definitions]
overburden to place an excessive burden, responsibility, or work load upon. [2 definitions]
overburn combined form of burn.
overbusy combined form of busy.
overcame past tense of "overcome."
overcapitalize to provide excessive capital for (a business). [2 definitions]
overcareful combined form of careful.
overcast of the sky, mostly filled with clouds; cloudy. [5 definitions]