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overexplicit combined form of explicit.
overexploit to exploit excessively.
overexploitation combined form of exploitation.
overexpose to expose to too great a degree or for too long. [2 definitions]
overexposure an instance or the fact or quality of being exposed too much, esp. to light.
overextend to extend beyond an appropriate or workable limit.
overextraction combined form of extraction.
overextrapolation combined form of extrapolation.
overextravagant combined form of extravagant.
overexuberant combined form of exuberant.
overfacile combined form of facile.
overfamiliar combined form of familiar.
overfamiliarity combined form of familiarity.
overfastidious combined form of fastidious.
overfat combined form of fat.
overfavor combined form of favor.
overfertilization combined form of fertilization.
overfertilize combined form of fertilize.
overfishing fishing at a rate that prevents the natural replenishment of stock, thus endangering future harvests.
overflow to flow over the top edge of a containing channel or receptacle. [10 definitions]
overfly to fly an aircraft over (a specific area, esp. of a foreign country) for the purpose of reconnaissance. [2 definitions]