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overrespond combined form of respond.
overrich combined form of rich.
override to supersede in authority so as to nullify or set aside. [8 definitions]
overrigid combined form of rigid.
overripe too ripe; almost spoiled.
overrule to rule against or disallow (an argument, petition, objection, or the like). [3 definitions]
overrun to sweep across and dominate quickly, as an invading population, or a plague. [7 definitions]
oversanguine combined form of sanguine.
oversaturate combined form of saturate.
oversaturation combined form of saturation.
oversauce combined form of sauce.
overscrupulous combined form of scrupulous.
overseas across any of the several oceans; abroad. [4 definitions]
oversecretion combined form of secretion.
oversee to watch over and direct (others or their work); supervise. [2 definitions]
overseer a person employed to supervise the work of others, esp. laborers. [2 definitions]
oversell to sell more of (something) than can be supplied. [3 definitions]
oversensitive combined form of sensitive.
oversensitiveness combined form of sensitiveness.
oversensitivity combined form of sensitivity.
overserious combined form of serious.