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oversupply a supply in excess of need or demand. [2 definitions]
oversuspicious combined form of suspicious.
oversweet combined form of sweet.
oversweeten combined form of sweeten.
oversweetness combined form of sweetness.
overswing combined form of swing.
overt openly apparent; not concealed. (Cf. covert.)
overtake to catch up or come even with. [3 definitions]
overtaken past participle of overtake.
overtalk combined form of talk.
overtalkative combined form of talkative.
overtax to tax too highly. [2 definitions]
overtaxation combined form of taxation.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [2 definitions]
over the counter from or by a stockbroker as opposed to the stock exchange.
over the hill past one's most effective or powerful period.
over the hump past the most difficult or trying part of something.
over the transom designating a manuscript or other material that is submitted to a publisher without having been solicited.
overthin combined form of thin.
overthink combined form of think.
overthrew past tense of overthrow.