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overthrown past participle of "overthrow."
overtighten combined form of tighten.
overtime time worked beyond a given upper limit for a day or week. [4 definitions]
overtired combined form of tired.
overtone in music, any of several higher frequencies associated with a given tone; harmonic. [2 definitions]
overtook past tense of "overtake."
overtop to be or go above the top of. [2 definitions]
overtrain combined form of train.
overtreat combined form of treat.
overtreatment combined form of treatment.
overture an opening gesture, as for initiating a relationship or other interaction. [4 definitions]
overturn to cause to tip over; upset. [4 definitions]
overuse to use too often or too much. [2 definitions]
overutilization combined form of utilization.
overutilize combined form of utilize.
overvalue to overestimate the price, importance, or worth of (something or someone).
overview a general review, summary, or survey, as of a subject or situation.
overviolent combined form of violent.
overvivid combined form of vivid.
overwater combined form of water.
overweary combined form of weary.