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pack1 a container for goods or belongings, usu. flexible and carried on the back. [16 definitions]
pack2 to fraudulently manipulate, as by choosing, for one's own purposes.
package an object or bundle that is packed, wrapped, or boxed; parcel. [6 definitions]
package store a store, esp. one under the control of a given U.S. state, that sells only hard liquor and other sealed alcoholic beverages.
packer someone or something that packs. [2 definitions]
packet a small bundle or parcel. [2 definitions]
pack ice a floating mass of ice composed of smaller pieces of ice frozen together.
packing the process of a person or thing that packs. [5 definitions]
packing box a large box, crate, or the like in which goods or other items are packed for storage or transport.
packing house a plant in which food, esp. meat, is processed and packaged for the wholesale market.
packman see peddler.
pack rat a large, bushy-tailed, North American rodent known to gather and hide small objects in its nest. [2 definitions]
packsack a sack or bag of canvas or leather that can be carried by straps over the shoulders.
packsaddle a saddle esp. designed to accommodate the load carried by a pack animal.
packthread a strong thread or twine used esp. to tie packages or bundles.
pack train a long line or succession of pack animals, such as mules or horses, carrying supplies.
pact an agreement, esp. a sworn promise. [2 definitions]
pad1 a piece of soft material used as cushioning to protect from abrasion or impact, such as a cushion, mat, or thick piece of blanket or quilt. [11 definitions]
pad2 a soft sound of footsteps. [3 definitions]
padauk any of a family of trees native to Africa and Asia. [2 definitions]
padded cell a room, cell, or the like that is extensively lined with padding and in which potentially violent prisoners or patients may be confined without risk of injuring themselves.