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pal (informal) a fairly close friend. [2 definitions]
palace the official residence of royalty or other persons of high rank or authority. [2 definitions]
Palace Museum a vast, walled complex of buildings in Beijing, China, formerly the Imperial Palace (1491-1911), now open to the public; Forbidden City.
Palace of Westminster the official name of the building where the British parliament meets; Houses of Parliament.
Palacio Nacional in Mexico, a national palace built in 1693 by the conquistador, Hernán Cortés. [2 definitions]
paladin one who fights heroically for a noble cause.
palanquin in East Asian countries, a boxlike passenger carriage transported by means of poles on the shoulders of several men.
palatable acceptable or pleasing to the sense of taste. [2 definitions]
palatal of or relating to the palate. [3 definitions]
palatalize to articulate (a nonpalatal sound) as a palatal.
palate the roof of the mouth, which separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavity and consists of a bony front section and a soft muscular back section. [2 definitions]
palatial of, resembling, or relating to a palace. [2 definitions]
palatinate the territory or rulership of a palatine.
palatine belonging or suited to a palace. [5 definitions]
palaver idle conversation or discussion, esp. at length. [4 definitions]
palazzo (Italian) a grand or majestic building or house; palace.
pale lacking intensity of color. [5 definitions]
paleethnology the study of the earliest humans.
paleface (slang) a white person, as distinguished from an American Indian.
paleo- (sometimes cap.) old; prehistoric; ancient.
Paleocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch at the start of the Tertiary Period, from approximately 65 million to 54 million years ago, when birds and early mammals appeared. [2 definitions]