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paratrooper a soldier trained to enter combat areas by parachuting from an airplane.
paratyphoid an intestinal disease that resembles, but is less severe than, typhoid. [3 definitions]
par avion (French) by airplane; by air mail.
parboil to cook partially by immersing in boiling water for a brief time.
parbuckle a rope sling used to raise or lower an object vertically, formed by doubling the rope, wrapping it around the object, and slipping its two ends through the loop thus formed. [3 definitions]
parcel a thing or group of things wrapped or packed together for carrying or shipping; package. [4 definitions]
parcel post the branch of the postal service that handles parcels and packages. [2 definitions]
parch to make very dry, as by sunlight or the application of heat. [3 definitions]
Parcheesi trademark for a board game using dice to indicate moves, based on pachisi.
parchment a paperlike material made of the skins of sheep or goats. [3 definitions]
pardon an official release from the punishment attending a crime or conviction. [7 definitions]
pardonable combined form of pardon.
pardoner one who gives pardon. [2 definitions]
pare to cut off the outer layer or ends from. [3 definitions]
paregoric a mixture of camphor and opium in alcohol, used to treat diarrhea and intestinal pain. [3 definitions]
parenchyma the essential, functional tissue of an organ, as distinguished from its connective or supporting tissue. [3 definitions]
parent a mother or a father. [6 definitions]
parentage descent from parents and ancestors; lineage. [2 definitions]
parental of, relating to, or characteristic of a parent or parents.
parenteral taken or put into the body in a way other than by the digestive tract. [2 definitions]
parentheses plural of parenthesis.