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parchment a paperlike material made of the skins of sheep or goats. [3 definitions]
pardon an official release from the punishment attending a crime or conviction. [7 definitions]
pardonable combined form of pardon.
pardoner one who gives pardon. [2 definitions]
pare to cut off the outer layer or ends from. [3 definitions]
paregoric a mixture of camphor and opium in alcohol, used to treat diarrhea and intestinal pain. [3 definitions]
parenchyma the essential, functional tissue of an organ, as distinguished from its connective or supporting tissue. [3 definitions]
parent a mother or a father. [6 definitions]
parentage descent from parents and ancestors; lineage. [2 definitions]
parental of, relating to, or characteristic of a parent or parents.
parenteral taken or put into the body in a way other than by the digestive tract. [2 definitions]
parentheses plural of parenthesis.
parenthesis either of a pair of signs ( ) used to enclose explanatory or qualifying material that is not part of a sentence's structure, or to enclose mathematical quantities that are to be treated as a unit. [3 definitions]
parenthesize to enclose with parentheses.
parenthetical contained in parentheses, or suitable to be parenthesized; explanatory; qualifying. [3 definitions]
parenting the ongoing process or skill of a parent in raising a child or children.
parentless combined form of parent.
paresis slight or partial paralysis, usu. affecting movement but not sensation.
paresthesia an abnormal sensation of the skin, such as burning or itching.
par excellence (French) outstanding; without equal; preeminent.
parfait a dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, fruit, and syrup or other flavorings, served in a tall glass. [2 definitions]