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parr the young of certain fishes, esp. the salmon before it leaves fresh water.
parricide the act of killing one's parent or other close relative. [2 definitions]
parrot any of numerous tropical birds that have brightly colored plumage, a heavy short hooked bill, and often the ability to imitate speech. [3 definitions]
parrot fever see psittacosis.
parrotfish any of numerous marine fishes that are esp. colorful and have jaws resembling a parrot's beak.
parry to deflect or knock aside (a blow or stroke), as with one's weapon in fencing. [5 definitions]
parse in grammar, to separate (a sentence) into its parts and to describe the form and function of each. [3 definitions]
parsec a unit of astronomical distance equal to 3.258 light years.
Parsi a member of a Zoroastrian sect in modern India that is descended from Persian Zoroastrians who fled Persia in the seventh and eighth centuries to escape religious persecution. [2 definitions]
parsimonious excessively frugal; stingy.
parsimony excessive unwillingness to spend money or use resources; stinginess.
parsley any of several garden herbs, usu. having finely divided crinkled leaves, used to season or decorate food.
parsnip a carrotlike plant that bears yellow flowers and has a large, whitish, edible root. [2 definitions]
parson a clergyman, esp. in a Protestant church; minister.
parsonage a house provided by a church for its minister.
Parsons table (sometimes l.c.) a lightweight, square-legged rectangular table, often made of molded plastic.
part a separate portion or segment of a whole. [18 definitions]
part. abbreviation of "participle" or "participial."
partake to take part; participate. [4 definitions]
part company to terminate a friendship or association.
parterre the rear part of the main floor of a theater, usu. below the balconies. [2 definitions]