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part-time less than full time.
parturient giving birth or about to give birth; in labor. [2 definitions]
parturifacient bringing on or easing labor in childbirth. [2 definitions]
parturition the act or process of giving birth to a child; childbirth.
partway to some partial degree or extent; partly.
party a social gathering or event created for the purpose of celebration or pleasure and at which there is conversation, refreshment, and, usually, music or some other form of entertainment. [8 definitions]
party caucus a conference of persons belonging to the same political party, usually convened to nominate representatives or determine policy.
party line a telephone line shared by two or more subscribers. [2 definitions]
party man one who is loyal to a political party or who follows the party line.
party politics political practices intended to further the aims and interests of a political party, regardless of their effects on the public in general.
par value see face value.
parvenu a person who has suddenly acquired wealth or status, without acquiring the tastes, manners, customs, or the like of his or her new station.
pas in ballet, a step or combination of steps.
Pascal celery any of various types of celery having crisp green stalks.
paschal lamb in ancient Judaism, a lamb eaten at the feast of the Passover. [2 definitions]
pas de deux in ballet, a dance for two persons.
pasha formerly, a title given to a high-ranking Turkish official.
pashm the fine woolly underhair of domestic Himalayan goats.
pashmina a type of soft, fine wool from Asia; pashm. [2 definitions]
Pashto an Iranian language of Indo-European origin that is the main vernacular of eastern Afghanistan and parts of western Pakistan.
paso doble quick, spirited music often played at bullfights. [2 definitions]