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passionate capable of or showing strong emotions. [4 definitions]
passionflower any of various climbing plants native to America and bearing large, showy, colorful flowers and small edible fruit.
passion fruit an edible fruit of a passionflower.
passionless not feeling or showing strong emotion; cold; calm; detached.
passion play a play, often performed around Easter, reenacting the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross and the events relating to it.
passivate to form a protective coating on the surface of (a metal) to lessen its chemical activity.
passive receiving an action without acting in return, or being unresponsive to something that affects or might be expected to affect one directly. [6 definitions]
passive immunity immunity to a disease acquired by injection of antibodies, transfer of antibodies from a mother to a fetus, or other transferences.
passive resistance the use of noncooperation, fasting, or other nonviolent means to oppose one's own government or an occupying force.
passive restraint an automatic system, as of inflatable air bags, to protect the driver and passengers in a motor vehicle during an accident.
passkey a key that will open a number of locks of similar make; master key. [3 definitions]
pass muster to be accepted or approved according to some standard.
pass out to faint or lose consciousness.
Passover a Jewish festival, beginning on the fourteenth day of Nisan and lasting seven or eight days, that celebrates the escape of the ancient Hebrews from Egypt.
passport a government-issued document that identifies and certifies the holder as a citizen of a nation and entitles him or her to travel in other nations and return to his or her own country. [3 definitions]
pass the buck (informal) to avoid responsibility by blaming someone else.
pass the torch to pass leadership, inspiration, or a guiding principle to one's successors.
pass-through a windowlike opening in a wall, used to pass food from the kitchen to the dining room.
pass up to pay no heed to (an opportunity or chance).
password a secret word, phrase, or selected set of letters and numbers used to identify oneself as one that is permitted to enter a place or have access to privileged information or data.
past gone by in time; not current. [16 definitions]